Impact Capital Supply


Unlock institutional investment for impact through Asset Owners Forum South Africa

  • To proactively respond to proposals for prescribed assets, through clearly defined engagement in investment into infrastructure and impact investing
  • Develop a framework to infrastructure investing from a pension funds’ perspective.
  • Develop a framework to impact investing from a pension funds’ perspective.
  • Identify and address regulatory barriers to infrastructure and impact investing

Unlock institutional investment for impact through Asset Owners Forum South Africa

  • Design purpose-built investment vehicle comprised of different pools of capital with varying risk/return requirements working together under a collective investment mandate to invest in funds that invest working and/or growth capital into Small and Growing Businesses


SA Impact Investment Forum 2018 and 2019 in partnership with SA Investment Conference

GSG Pension fund strand 2020

RisCura Pension Fund event and brief 2019

Batseta Conference 2020



Increase the supply of capital available for high impact enterprises and projects

  • Increase the total supply of capital that is demonstrably spent on enterprises and projects that directly address the NDP/SDGs
  • Increase in amount of appropriate capital across risk return spectrum, particularly patient, flexible, risk tolerant capital
  • Increase the number of investor types and individual organisations or individuals who deploy impact investment

Improve the match between capital and investable opportunities

  • Increase number of impact investment products available to all types of investors

Create an enabling environment to increase the deployment of impact investment

  • Remove regulatory barriers and develop enabling policy to unlock the flow of impact investment
Working Group organisations represented:
Heather Jackson
RBN Fund Managers
National Treasury
National Business Initiative
Maia Capital
Public Investment Corporation (PIC)
Rohatyn Group
Institute of Retirement Funds